Chris Tomlin - "Home" (Official Music Video)

Though most comfortable creating live performance music videos, Chris Tomlin felt it necessary to use the story-telling medium of video to convey the message of his single, "Home".  

Here is the official music video of "Home" by Chris Tomlin. 

With more than 7 million albums and nearly 9 million digital tracks sold to his credit, it was time for multi-platinum selling Christian singer Chris Tomlin to create a video as powerful as the song itself. 

"How do you make a visual out of Heaven?” Tomlin recently said of the video. “No one has ever seen it. The Bible does describe it but you can’t get your head around it in some ways. All I kept coming back to is light, it’s filled with light. So we set out on this path to make this video that tried to capture a little bit of the emotion of going to a place called home.”

In a recent USA Today article, Chris talked about the emotional connectivity of the song title.  “I just love the power of the word home and when I’m speaking of eternal life, I want to portray heaven that way,” said the Nashville-based Christian singer.

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