Lauren Daigle's 'How Can It Be' Goes Platinum

Let's go back just a few years to 2014.  There are many new names being introduced into the world of Christian Music.  Among them, is a young worship singer named Lauren Daigle.  In 2014, that name means nothing to you or to the record industry.  She's just another new artist trying to break into Christian Music.

But, in 2015, she changes the entire landscape for Christian Music with the release of her debut album, How Can It Be on the Centricity Music label.  Between the powerful throaty voice and the deep impacting lyrics, How Can It Be has resonated with listeners around the world.  

And now, The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded How Can It Be as a platinum-selling album, meaning the record has sold at least 1 million copies worldwide.  

 "I’m so grateful that people are still connecting with these songs,” Daigle reflected. “...If it has brought any hope, then it has served its purpose. Thank you to my team, the radio programmers, and the listeners...”

These awards, given by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), represent huge sales — 500,000 albums for gold, 1 million for platinum, 2 million or more for multi-platinum.

Blessed with a voice that is both smoky and sweet, Daigle has forged a unique sound that combines the soulful, heart-in-throat vulnerability of Adele, with the passionate fire to serve God that Daigle admires in Brooke Fraser. Her Centricity Music debut, How Can It Be, is ripe with the kind of compelling lyrics and engaging melodies that invite listeners to draw closer to their creator, and that’s just what Daigle had in mind.

“There’s a continuing theme on this record—trust,” says Daigle. “My heart’s cry is that people feel empowered as a body of Christ. It’s just heavy on my heart for all of us to rise up in unity and recognize the goodness of God. My hope is that people are empowered by knowing who they belong to, knowing that they are the son or daughter of God, and in response to that being able to worship fully, worship with complete abandon.”

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