Phil Wickham Looks Ahead to 2022 Spring Tour

Wow, does Phil Wickham plan ahead!  On his social media, the Dove Award-winning worship artist released dates for a Spring 2022 Tour.

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The name of the tour is the 2022 Hymn of Heaven Tour, and will begin Easter season next year; continuing into the summer months.  On the tour will be singer/songwriter Josh Baldwin ("Stand in Your Love", "Raise a Halleluiah").

"I'm so excited to announce that there's going to be a Hymn of Heaven tour in 2022 with my good friend Josh Baldwin," Phil Wickham shared. "I haven't done a tour like this in years. We're going to be all over the country from Boston to San Diego!"

Look for the tour itinerary to expand beyond this, but Wickham has officially released the following cities as stops:

March 31 - Sacramento, CA
April 1 - Portland, OR
April 2 - Tacoma, WA
April 3 - Post Falls, ID
April 7 - Phoenix, AZ
April 8 - Orange County, CA
April 9 - Los Angeles, CA
April 10 - San Diego, CA
May 12 - Philadelphia, PA
May 13 - Newark, NJ
May 14 - North Attleboro, MA
May 15 - Chesapeake, VA
June 9 - Memphis, TN
June 10 - Oklahoma City, OK
June 11 - Amarillo, TX
June 12 - San Antonio, TX

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